Pecan, chili and onion farms pepper the lower valley, giving it a rural feet. It extends from the interstate to the Rio Grande and includes various new and old neighbor hoods.


  • Ascarate (YISD)
  • Cadawallader (YISD)
  • Capistrano (YISD)
  • Cedar Groves (YISD)
  • Del Norte Heights (YISD)
  • Hacienda Heights (YISD)
  • Lancaster (YISD)
  • Le Baron Park (YISD)
  • Loma Terrace (YISD)
  • Marian Manor (YISD)
  • Mesa Vista (YISD)
  • Mission Valley (YISD)
  • Northloop (YISD)
  • Presa (YISD)
  • Pasodale (YISD)
  • Ramona (YISD)
  • Sage Land (YISD)
  • South Loop (YISD)
  • Thomas Manor (YISD)
  • Ysleta Elementary (YISD)
Middle School:
  • Camino Real (YISD)
  • Hillcrest (YISD)
  • Ranchland Hills (YISD)
  • Rio Bravo (YISD)
  • Riverside Middle (YISD)
  • Valley View (YISD)
  • Ysleta Middle (YISD)
High School:
  • Bel Air (YISD)
  • Del Valle (YISD)
  • Riverside (YISD)
  • Ysleta High (YISD)


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Zip codes

79907 79915
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