El Paso's government sector accounts for 50,600 jobs or 21.1 percent of the employment in El Paso. The major employers in the government sector are the three largest independent school districts, El Paso Community College, the University of Texas at El Paso, City of El Paso and Fort Bliss U.S. Army Air Defense Center. According to the Fort Bliss garrison commander, Fort Bliss employs 20,000 people overall: 12,047 are military and 4,879 are civilian; the remaining employees are federal agency employees. The military post has an economic impact of over $1.3 billion a year on the El Paso economy.

In addition, the El Paso military population adds 59,000 in retirees and family, for an overall military- related population of 97,000 persons (El Paso Times, July 28, 1997). Other federal agencies such as Border Patrol, Customs and INS will see increases in funding and manpower due to the new emphasis on the border.

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