The eastside of the city has a host of parks, schools and various housing developments. Most of this area has easy access to the rest of the city. Some areas in this part of town are hilly, providing a wonderful view of El Paso and Juarez.

  • Bonham (EPISD)
  • Cielo Vista (EPISD)
  • East Point (YISD)
  • Eastwood Heights (YISD)
  • Eastwood Knolls (YISD)
  • Edgemere (YISD)
  • Glen Cove (YISD)
  • Hughey (EPISD)
  • Pebble Hills (YISD)
  • Scottsdale (YISD)
  • Tierra del Sol (YISD)
  • Vista Hills (YISD)
Middle School:
  • Indian Ridge (YISD)
  • Desert View (YISD)
  • Eastwood Middle (YISD)
  • Mc Arthur (EPISD)
  • Ross (EPISD)
High School:
  • Burgess (EPISD)
  • Chapin (EPISD)
  • Eastwood (YISD)
  • J. M. Hanks (YISD)


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Zip codes

79906 79925
79935 79936
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