When it comes to an environment rich in culture few compare to the city of El Paso Texas. A border city, El Paso is a neighbor to the Mexican city of Juárez. In being so, there are many Hispanics who live in this city and an overwhelming portion of El Paso’s citizens are bilingual. This blend of American and Mexican-American citizens just so happens to be what makes El Paso so very unique.

El Paso is one of the focal points of the U.S. multicultural beginnings, dating back to the days of Don Juan de Oñate’s treks through this wonderful land. Oñate being a prominent historical figure whose statue is proudly displayed at the El Paso International Airport entrance. What also makes El Paso such a wonderful place is how it houses one of the premier U.S. military bases. Everyone who is new to this city quickly realizes there is no other place like it.