Once you‘ve acquired your home you’ll need utilities. The El Paso Electric Company provides electricity to residential users at the summer rate of .08027 per kilowatt-hour, the winter rate of .07050207. The fuel rate is .01459. Residents can calculate their bill by multiplying total kilowatt by their season rate, multiplying the total kilowatts by the fuel rate, adding the tow totals plus $4.50 service charge.

Southern union Gas Co distributes natural gas. The Texas Railroad Commission and El Paso City Council regulate the company. Application for connection can be taken over the phone and requires a $50 deposit and $20 connection fee, home and work phone numbers, social security number and drivers license number.

The City Sanitation Department provides garbage removal services. Garbage service is billed along with the water and sewer. Service is automatically initiated when water service is started. Cost is $15 a month with once-a-week curbside pickup.

Southwestern Bell takes applications for phone service over the phone. If you’ve had phone service in your name within the last 2 years for at least a year’s period there is no deposit fee. Otherwise, there is a $49 fee that will be credited to your first phone bill. The cost for a house that previously has had phone service is $38.35. Installation in a new home that has never had phone service is $52.95. Installation of service could take up to 5 days depending on the circumstances.