Central El Paso is the historic section of the city with beautiful old mansions dating back more than a hundred years. This part of town is close to down town, many hospitals and the university. It extends into the foothills of the mountains where many of the older, established, tree-lined neighbors are. Several of the cities landmarks are in this area.


  • Alamo (EPISD)
  • Alta Vista (EPISD)
  • Aoy (EPISD)
  • Beall (EPISD)
  • Burleson (EPISD)
  • Clardy (EPISD)
  • Clendenin (EPISD)
  • Coldwell (EPISD)
  • Cooley (EPISD)
  • Crockett (EPISD)
  • Douglass (EPISD)
  • Hart (EPISD)
  • Hawkins (EPISD)
  • Highland (EPISD)
  • Hillside (EPISD)
  • Houston (EPISD)
  • Lamar (EPISD)
  • Mesita (EPISD)
  • Moreno (EPISD)
  • Moreno Annex (EPISD)
  • Roosevelt (EPISD)
  • Rusk (EPISD)
  • Travis (EPISD)
  • Vilas (EPISD)
  • Zavala (EPISD)
Middle School:
  • Bassett (EPISD)
  • Cordova (EPISD)
  • Guillen (EPISD)
  • Henderson (EPISD)
  • Houston (EPISD)
  • Wiggs (EPISD)
High School:
  • Austin (EPISD)
  • Bowie (EPISD)
  • El Paso (EPISD)
  • Jefferson (EPISD)


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Not Available

Zip codes

79901 79902
79903 79905
79930 79968
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